It was October 2017 and I was given a chance to travel to Chicago with a friend and stay in a Trump International Hotel and Tower completely free of charge for 4 nights. If you want to find out more about my trip to Chicago (and why it happened) check out this blog. This is a non-sponsored honest review just about the hotel in which I would like to explain what I loved and what I did not like about my stay.


Why Trump?

The only reason for choosing this hotel was its perfect location. It is the only hotel in Chicago standing next to the Chicago River with a splendid view over the junction of the river and Lake Michigan. It also was not my choice and I do not want to get political about it.

Trump hotel Chicago map
The location of Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago facing Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.


Trump Hotels Around the World

What I certainly did not know until now is that Trump hotels are not only located in the USA but can be found in Canada, Ireland and Scotland. Besides the one in Chicago I have been to, there are hotels also in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Virginia and Washington D.C.

Chicago Trump Hotel
The view of a hotel from the Chicago River.


The Bedroom in Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago

I think that my room was on the 26th floor but I might be mistaken. What I know for sure is that it was facing Lake Michigan. From the entrance door, there was a long hall with a bathroom on the right and a huge closet on the left. Further into the room, there was a fully equipped open space kitchen on the right with everything you could ever need in it including a coffee maker, microwave, kitchenware, dishwasher and so on. Facing the kitchen on the left were beds and in front was a giant sofa in front of the glass wall with the view mentioned before.

This is not even the best or biggest room you can get. Some have their own SPA system in the bathroom and two separate bedrooms connected with a living room.

Chicago Trump hotel view
The view from the hotel room without any filters.


The Bathroom in Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago

The whole room was enormous enough to fit in the bathtub almost big enough to swim in it, a very wide shower, a bidet and of course a toilet. The mirror on the wall above sink had a TV in it which I did not even realise until I accidentally turned it on. You get a bathrobe and a set of towels.

What I did not like is that the bathroom door was sliding and could not be completely closed. It was not broken, it just uses that kind of a system and I have seen it before in one other 5* hotel. I guess this is a 5* hotel thing but I do not like it and I do not ever feel comfortable having my bathroom door slightly open.


Wellness and SPA Centre

On the 14th floor, there is gender separated wellness and SPA centre with 12 spa treatment rooms offering an array of massages, facials, relaxation programs and signature beauty treatments. I took some time for myself and enjoyed the sauna and swimming in the pool with a view of the city. Fitness room and swimming pool area are mutual for both genders. You are welcome to schedule a massage in your room or order a “room service” directly to your lounger next to the swimming pool.

Trump Hotel Chicago swimming pool
The view of the city from the 14th floor.


The Little Things Make It Count

There are so many details that are supposed to make guests feel as comfortable and carefree as they possibly can be and I absolutely loved them. For example, next to the swimming pool is a machine with fresh water with cucumbers and another one with lemons in it so guests can hydrate themselves anytime they wish. In the SPA centre, there is a swimsuit dryer and a digital scale device. If you lose or run out of air rubber bands, nail files, razors, lady pads and tampons, shampoos, etc. everything is there for you to take free of charge. There is also a hair straightener for your use.

Trump Hotel Chicago SPA
You can find everything you need in the hotel’s SPA and wellness centre.


The Skincare Line

Trump hotels promote a luxury brand Natura Bissé as their signature skincare line. The products contain only natural free-form amino acids. You can pick between 5 different types of skin peelings and creams; Calm, Balance, Purify, Heal and Revitalize and can find all of them in the SPA area.


All This And Even More

Every day you get a weather forecast and motivational note and that is really helpful if you want to plan the day ahead and it is a kind gesture. The cleaning lady comes twice per day but does not stay if you are in the room. She also brings you a new pair of slippers every day which is completely unnecessary in my opinion but maybe because I never travel without mine. Overall, the hotel staff is extremely kind, they are always opening doors for you and wishing you a nice day. They also make sure that there is always a bouquet of fresh roses in your room.

Trump Hotel Chicago bedroom
A motivational note that says: “Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.”


The Price

The price for a kind of room I stayed in ranges around 400$ but superior rooms can cost up to 600$ per night. According to their official website, the cheapest room can be found for a little less than 300$.


About My Stay in Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago

Staying there was definitely different than anywhere else I have ever stayed in my life before just because the mentality of people in the USA is so different from European. This kind of hotels are also not very similar to all-inclusive tropical resorts so I do not want to compare them. All I can say is that the Trump hotel in Chicago has literally everything you could ever need to make your stay the best as possible. There is so much more that I did not even mention in this blog, for example, a 2-star Michelin restaurant in the hotel, so please check out their official website for more information about their offer.

Chicago skyline
The Chicago skyline.


Have you ever stayed in a Trump hotel or in any other 5* hotel in the USA? Please let me know if you have any questions about my stay in the comment section below.


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