It is February, the month of love so let’s celebrate by talking about it some more. As an experienced traveller and a less experienced dater (click here to check out my worst dating experiences), I know good enough what kind of people I want in my life. So whether you meet someone you like during your trip or you are already dating your soulmate when it comes to travelling together here are some types of people you should avoid.

5 Types of People Travellers Should Avoid Dating
What type of people would you never travel with?


1. You Are in Their Hands Now

Where should we go next? What will we eat? How much will we spend? When you are dating a control freak, these kinds of questions will not have to concern you because your partner will already have all the answers. You might not be able to see your favourite attraction because they already have another plan for the day but where is the fun in that?


2. Not Again!

A complainer does not know how to enjoy the moment and is most probably going to bring out a negative side of everything. Coffee was not hot enough, the weather is too windy, the bed was too soft, etc. Even if it is true… my advice? Just go with it! In Slovenia, we say that drinking cold coffee makes you look more beautiful. If it is windy, at least it is not raining and you are not walking around all wet with an umbrella in your hand. And if you do not like the bed, well then just think about switching positions… πŸ˜‰


3. Mr./Mrs. Always Right

We all make mistakes. Well, this person does not. Historical facts, weather forecast, how to react in every situation, they know it all. All that would be even great if it was true but most often it is not. Admitting they made a mistake? Not an option!


4. Excuse Me, Did You Say Something?

I love my peace and quiet but spending the entire trip without talking, sharing our opinion on situations and laughing is probably even worse than travelling solo and feeling alone at times. The same but the opposite goes for the people who talk constantly. As a travel buddy sometimes you just need to know when to shut up.


5. We Are Just Friends, I Swear!

There is nothing worse than going on a trip with your significant other and finding out they have cheated on you while you are trapped with them in the same city, in the same hotel room and in the same bed for the rest of your trip. Believe me, I know! Before you travel with someone, be sure you want to stay with them till the end of the trip no matter what.


What else would you add to this list? What type of people would you never travel with? Let me know in the comments below!


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