Hey, it is February, the month of love! And I hate the use of love nowadays…

I believe that people abuse the word love on a daily basis by saying I love you to your friends, family, pets, haters, employees, strangers on the Internet, etc. In my opinion, love is a big word reserved for just a few the closest people to yourself. Let me give you an example so you understand what I mean.


The Purpose Is Lost

My ex used to write “love you” to the waitress from the bar next to his work office while he was in a relationship with me. One day, when he opened their chat in front of me, I asked him why is he doing that, what does it mean and he said: “Nothing.” But he used to text “love you” to me too so that meant nothing as well? Who did he love, both or neither of us?

San Marino
Waving goodbye to my past.


Who Is to Blame?

When I started using Instagram, everybody who sent me a heart in chat ended up on my block list. I was shocked by a fact that people are often sending me something that I only send to my boyfriend. I was afraid he would see my chats someday and get a wrong picture. And then someday I realised, a heart on Instagram means ‘like’. It is the same as liking a photo, you like a conversation. But does not that ruin the meaning of sending a heart?



Keep It Special

We, human, only have one heart in our body but we can send an unlimited number of hearts to others. That does not sound right to me. I am keeping my heart (and the red heart emoji) to myself and I am going to give it to the person who deserves it… I am actually sending the wrapped pink heart to my followers quite often, it is like a gift from me, hmm, maybe I should stop?


Too Late to Apologise

The same goes with I’m sorry. Can you name one romantic movie where a guy does not mess everything up, realises it and comes back with a great speech how sorry he is, the girl accepts him back and everything is back to happily ever after? Raise your hand if you are a woman and you daydreamed about *him* coming back to you on the exact same way. There is nothing more romantic than he realising being wrong and you are the love of his life, right?

One of the most famous scenes and quotes from The Notebook.


Ugh! That is Hollywood’s fault, trust me! Sure men cheat, lie and/or flirt with others! We have taught them that saying a simple I’m sorry will be enough to turn the things back to as they were before. It does not even matter that tomorrow he is going to do the same thing all over again but he knows that coming home and saying I’m sorry to you will help to dry your tears and silence your fears. This is how movies impact our lives.



Do you apologise for not doing your homework but you did not have any intentions of doing it in the first place? Or for being late for work but not coming to the office any earlier the next day? What is the point? You are just abusing the I’m sorry word but you do not actually mean it. The problem occurs when you truly are sorry for something but you have no words to express it. I mean, you devalue your I’m sorry every time you say it if you keep doing this what you were sorry for.

Ljubljana Castle Heart
A heart at the entrance of the Ljubljana Castle.


Something Personal

I try not to say  ‘I love’ a lot and when I do, I express my love, for example, to pasta. Also, I am not (yet) suitable for a mental hospital and I know that pasta is not marriage material. Although, I would never say I love you to someone if I would not mean it with all my heart. Shamefully, I have done it, but I have promised myself to never do it again.

An interesting fact, this whole love word situation is a lot better in the Slovenian language. We have two different expressions for stating a love to your friends and family vs. your romantic partner. Instead of saying I love you to your best friend we say something that would be literally translated into ‘I am glad to have you’ (‘rad te imam’ if you are male and ‘rada te imam’ if you are female) which is totally different than saying ‘I love you’ (‘ljubim te’ no matter the sex) which you only say to your significant other.


How do you express love in your language? Call your loved ones today and tell them you love them. You never know when it is going to be too late. Please, let me know what you think about this ‘love’ and ‘sorry’ words abuse in the comment section below.


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