A lot has already been said and written about travel apps. Anyway, here are my favourites which help me plan and enjoy my trips or just those which wait for me on my phone to use them someday…


1. Maps

Google Maps, Apple Maps, you name it! I do not care which ones as long as they are updated and I can download the area I am visiting for the offline use. You never know when you will run out of your mobile data or catch another free Wi-Fi spot.


2. Revolut

This card was a mindblowing discovery for me last year. It is a mobile-based bank account that allows you to hold, exchange and transfer money without fees in 24 or spend it in 150 different currencies. You can order a pre-paid card and start paying with it anywhere or withdrawing your money on ATMs all over the world without a fee. What I like the most about this is I can control my card through my phone – freeze it, unfreeze it, set a monthly spending limit, and much more.

Revolut app menu
All the things I can do with my card just by clicking through my phone.


3. The One and Only – Skyscanner

I will just be honest here and admit that Skyscanner is the only flight tickets finder I know how to use like a boss. Read about how to find the cheapest tickets here and do not let me hear you say that travelling is expensive ever again.


4. Accommodation Apps

If you know me than it is not a surprise to you that I usually do not plan my trips far in advance. During my last trip to Skopje, Oslo and Riga, I made a booking reservation for each hotel I have stayed in on a day of my arrival in the city. Because of this habit of mine (life is just more fun if you have no idea where are you going to sleep that night) I have all of the following apps on my phone: Hotels.com, Booking.com, Airbnb, Hostelworld.

If you create yourself a new account and book your next stay after clicking on Hotels.com, we will both get 50$ off our next trip. If you create yourself a new account and you book your next stay after clicking on Airbnb, you will get 24€ off your next trip and I will get 13€ off mine.

Hotels.com is my favourite because after collecting 10 nights, they give you one night stay for free in the average amount of your previous stays.


5. Finding Great Places to Visit

Visit a City and TripAdvisor are your friends. Both have an option to download some information about the city you are travelling to so you can view it even in the offline mode. But I particularly love that Visit a City can plan your trip step by step according to the number of days you are staying and what you are most interested in.

Visit a city app
Follow the step-by-step guide and discover a city on foot.


6. Try Something Different

Worldpackers is a website and a mobile app for those who want to leave their comfort zone and try combining business with pleasure. Search for your host among hotels, hostels, farms, camps, meditation centres, etc., work there for few days in a week and travel during your free time. Until now, I have not tried this yet but I would very much like to.


7. Keep in Touch with Travellers

Showaround is a great way of earning a bit of extra money and keeping in touch with travellers while you are at home. Make sure you know all the interesting facts about your city and share your knowledge with foreigners visiting your town. I am a tourist guide and I love the idea of using this app but I somehow never find some time (meaning, the courage) to set myself a profile. The other way of using is finding yourself a private local guide wherever you are!


8. Meet Locals Withlocals

Similar to Showaround, you can book a home dinner, a day or a night tour, a workshop or more on Withlocals. If you sign-up with my link, we will both get a 15€ off for our next trip.


9. From Rome to Rio

This website is totally a new discovery to me but it looks so fun and most importantly, useful. I believe it collects data from Google and calculates all the ways of getting from A to B using different types of transportation. I have found other similar websites to this but I have the best experience with this one as others were buggy or outdated.


10. Countries Been

It is available for Android and iOS users. It is an app with a map where you can mark every country and city you have been to, lived or want to visit. I love seeing my world getting more and more marked as I continue travelling.

Countries been
How many countries have you been to?


Did you know about all of them? Which travel apps do you use on your phone? Please, let me know if there is any other useful app I should start using. Have you or would you ever try Worldpackers? Let me know everything in the comment section below.


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