Welcome to 2019! Now that the holidays are over and everything is back to ‘normal’, you can start reading my blogs again during your work hours when your boss is not looking. Admit it, we have all been there. 😉

I want to share with you an old trick I have found it out a few years ago. If one of your new year’s resolutions is going on that trip you wished for so long or saving some money for something else, this is how you can achieve your goal.


Step 1: Pick the Day

In 2019, there are going to be 52 weeks so let’s say we are going to start saving today, on a Friday. We are in a week number 1 so put 1€ in your favourite piggy bank or a jar or whatever you can find at home suitable for saving money. Next week, put 2€ in it, on the third week, put 3€ aside, then 4€, and so on. It can work the same in any other currency but the important thing is not to multiply your number by 2 because that would quickly get you to thousands which you have to save every week.


Step 2: Do Not Forget to Repeat

Now, this is the real challenge! I think. If I was you, I would set a weekly reminder on my phone or at least put the piggy bank on a very visible place so I would not forget to fill it up every Friday.


What If You Fail?

If you forget to put the corresponding amount in your fund on a Friday, you can ‘punish yourself’ with an extra 10€ which you have to save. Doing so, collect even more money by the end of the year!


Can You Do It?

The only critic of this strategy is that in December, it can be a bit difficult to keep up with it. That is the time when you usually spend the most money on shopping and gifts but you also have to put 202€ altogether in your savings; 49€ + 50€ + 51€ + 52€ for each week in the last month of the year. What you can do is either start with saving 52€ in the first week of January, 51€ in the second, etc. or become even more inventive. Let me hear your ideas in the comment section below!


Many of you know that I used to study and work as a programmer. Lately, I became a bit nostalgic so I have captured this video just for fun to embed it in this blog post. If you do not know much about programming in Java, you probably will not understand much what I did here but that is ok. At the end of the video, you can just see the proof that all the numbers from 1 to 52 sum into 1378. For those who know this kind of stuff, there is a disclaimer in the description of the video on YouTube saying that this is of course not the most efficient way to do it.


The Challenge

I dare you to convince your partner, a relative or just a friend to do it as well. Text them every Saturday to find out if they forgot about this and share a good laugh if one of you did. Pick a mutual goal and start planning the trip of your dreams together. And if you want to thank me for the idea, I welcome your postcards! 🙂


So how does starting 2020 with an extra 1,378€ (or more) sounds to you? What would you spend them on? I have never done this before but I think I am going to follow my own advice this year and I will tell you where will I invest my savings in at the end of this year. Stay tuned.


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