I will tell you two things about crying. I hate crying because when I do, I am in such physical pain. I have severe problems with allergies and when I cry, my nose hurts like… it is hard to explain! But I love crying because that remembers me of all the things I am grateful for.


2017 vs. 2018

2017 was like hell to me. I was in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend who lied to my face every single day trying to convince me I am the crazy one. He had a bit of a drinking problem and I decided to never speak to him again when I have found out that he cheated on me with a prostitute because his co-workers encouraged him to do that. I remember marking days on my calendar when I did not cry in 2017.

Yes, I have travelled a lot that year, with and without him, and I got my first new car. But overall, the whole situation was too hard for me to handle and my body decided to quit. Literally. Just a few days before I was supposed to leave for the USA I lost my consciousness, fell and hurt myself badly. That is when I knew I had enough and I needed to change something. He would never change for me but I had the ability to change myself and turn my life around. So I made some of the best decisions in my life like quitting my job as a programmer and moving from Slovenia to Croatia.

chicago, skyline
I visited Chicago in 2017 and that is one of the best things that happened to me last year.



Do you know that quote: “Every day is the same but when you look back, everything is changed.” I cannot believe how much my life has changed this year and this is a reminder for you that you can do it as well, and for me that I did it!

I started writing blogs in February of 2018. Would you be surprised if I told you that just 2 years ago if someone asked me on a street for directions in English, I pretended I do not speak it? Not because I did not want to help! But I was just too afraid to make a mistake or to be stuck in the middle of the sentence and not know how to finish it. Oh, I was silly! You never learn if you never try.

Dominican Republic
You can learn from others a lot! Me rolling up a cigar in the Dominican Republic in 2017.


And so I started writing this blog in Slovenian and English. I wrote down everything I wanted to say in my first language and then translate it to English using a lot of Google and Google Translate. Thanks for the technology! As time passed by, I started writing just in English. Sure, I make mistakes. Every time I read one of my old blogs I find mistakes and typos and I wonder why nobody told me to correct them. But it does not matter. As long as I get to say what I want and you manage to understand me, I am happy.

Oslo fjord
The view from the aeroplane of the Oslo fjord.


My Travels – Wins & Fails

In 2018, I visited 5 new countries for the first time; Spain, Hungary, Macedonia, Norway and Latvia. All of them except Spain I visited solo and tried solo travelling for the first time. During the summer, I was travelling a lot across Croatia as I was working as a tourist guide. Besides that, I visited Germany, Italy and actually many Slovenian cities I have never been to before.

Palma, Palma de Mallorca
Blowing bubbles on the streets of Palma, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.


Those of you who follow me and my stories on Instagram know, that I was supposed to visit Lithuania in December as well. Yeah, let’s not talk about it, ok? #facepalm  All I can say is that I have bought a wrong ticket and never managed to Vilnius. It happens! (Does it?) Never mind, it was a fun (stressful, but fun) experience and hopefully, I am going to visit Lithuania in 2019. And yes, it was just a matter of time when will it happen – I have survived my first terrible travel experience.

The view of Budapest from the citadel.


Work, Work, Work

Now get ready for this! Wow, where to start? At the beginning of the year I got a job as a tourist representative in Greece, then I quit before I even started working there and applied for a tourist guide in Croatia (for Slovenian guests). So I began working as a representative, a guide and an animator (how did that happen?) but this did not last long because 3 months in, I have realised they did not pay me as much as they should. So I called my boss and told her there was a mistake, asking her to pay me correctly but she hung up the phone and wanted to fire me. (Apparently, it was not a mistake!)

Zadar, city centre, Croatia
The old city centre of Zadar.


Of course, I complained and after 4 months I won. Just recently I got a small part of the money they owe me, the rest is… probably lost in space and time. But I won and hopefully taught them a lesson! (Probably not.) Talking about blogging, this year I have collaborated with an aquapark, hotel and resort in Budapest, Outskirts Pressa museum in Oslo and a 5-star hotel in Skopje. I am looking forward to many more partnerships coming up in 2019.

Holmenkollen ski museum and tower
The ski jump and tower in Holmenkollen, Oslo.


The Show

My Instagram friends who are not from the Balkans do not know but I was a part of a new big Croatian show called Gospodin Savršeni. Long story short, that is a love show where you go on trips and dates and try to ‘win in love’. I got the opportunity to work with some of the greatest Croatian TV producers, stylists, make-up artists, etc. Well, the whole game did not work out for me but at the end, I have found out that my ‘hypothetically new love’ from the show was a liar and a cheater and I have done with such kind of people (hopefully). I applied (and got accepted #thankyou) because I wanted to show I am different from the others and I mostly succeeded. The support messages I got from people watching the show after I got eliminated were priceless.

Gospodin Savrseni
Croatian model and actor with me on a castle Trakoscan spending a day as a prince and princess.


Those of you who remember me vanishing from Instagram for a month, yep, that was because of this! I have been completely cut off the world for 27 days (meaning, I did not have the access to my phone and/or the Internet connection) but all of this time I was living a luxurious mansion approximately an hour of driving away from Zagreb. I was driving in a limousine and tried paragliding and karting among other things for the first time. It was an experience to remember for a lifetime!

rome, angel bridge
The Angel bridge in Rome.


My Real Life Love Life in 2018

Let’s see! Zero boyfriends, too many stalkers, ex-friends and ex-boyfriends who have difficulties understanding that no means no. It is so funny to me to see that a guy I broke up with 3 years ago and his current girlfriend(!) are still after all this time visiting my Instagram profile and watching my stories. Wow, get a life!

Sadly, I have to confess that I probably did meet the love of my life this year and I let him go. It was springtime, an ex-friend wanted to cheat on his girlfriend with me and I said no. Those who know me can bet that I would never interfere with anyone’s relationship no matter how ‘open’ or ‘unhappy’ it is. At the same time, I totally fell in love with his best friend. Long story short, he liked me back but his best friend (the first guy) tried to tear us apart before we even started dating and succeeded at splitting us.

Sunset in Zadar
Nobody knows what the future holds. A sunset in Zadar, Croatia.


But! I did catch him (my guy) lying to me so we had a problem right at the start. Hey people, I have a natural lie detector somewhere in me. Do not even try lying to me, ugh! Anyway, this guy was indeed something special and I could see myself spending the rest of my life with him. It took me a couple of months to get over him but we never even got a chance so what do I know? Maybe it was just a crush.


The Material Life

Finally, the 5-doors closet I wanted so much has arrived. Overall, from the order day to the day it was built it lasted almost 6 months and we had to write a complaint letter 2 times because they have sent us the wrong parts, yes, twice. But I would sleep in it if I could because I like it so much.

Also, I am ashamed to admit that my old laptop is celebrating his 7th birthday this December so it was about time to buy myself a new computer. This time, with more speed for editing power! And as a cherry on top, I am not letting my new camera out of my hands. #truelove

Palma, Palma de Mallorca
I have bought myself a camera so now I can stop borrowing it from my best friend.


I Made It All the Way

I gave my first big interview about my travels in August to the most popular Slovenian magazine and ended up on a cover of it. #covergirl  8 years after my modelling career had finished because I did not grow taller, I was invited to walk on a runway again as a hairstyle model for the biggest Slovenian Hairstyle Festival happening every year in Ljubljana. Because of that, I let them dye my hair to purple and cut it short. What a shock it was to everybody!

Daisy Zaccarin on a cover
An interview about me and my travels was published in the Slovenian magazine Liza.


Because of that show, my name is now also on IMDb. I am speechless! My grandma and I were recently a part of a charity event in Croatia when thousands of Chinese lanterns were lit up and let into space filled with our positive wishes. No need to say that Christmas came early this year and I reached 15k on Instagram on  24th of December. I cannot thank you enough for all of your support.

Chinese lanterns
Lighting up the sky with Chinese lanterns in Pula, Croatia for a charity event.


My Future Plans

Oh, I hate this question and I roll my eyes every time I get it. Whatever I say now can already totally change tomorrow as I am so unpredictable. Maybe I finally finish my first book that is already written almost until the end. Maybe I get a boyfriend who is going to love and respect me and stop travelling solo. But most importantly, maybe I continue being happy.

Daisy Blue, kitten
True happiness.


This is by far the longest blog I have ever written and probably nobody has managed all the way to the end but I could go on for hours. It has been quite a ride! In less than one year, I have changed my life completely just because I was courageous enough to quit my old life which I was not happy with and tried something new. What about you? Where are you currently standing and how happy are you? By the way, to all of you who are celebrating – Merry Christmas!


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