You probably think the title is a clickbait but keep reading to the end to find out my answer to this question. Today we are discussing sex so let’s have The Talk. 😉 Do you know that feeling when you go on a trip with your significant other and you finally have some “sexy time” for just the two of you? Maybe you like going to the SPA and relax in the hot tubs or saunas … OK, enough of romance. When was the last time you got tested for an STD?


More than 70% of People on the Planet have at least One STD

STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease. I have always hated biology so this is not a biology class and if you want a better scientific explanation, I would recommend you to use Google. But these are the things I know for sure. There exist two types of STDs, the classical (Gonorrhoea or Syphilis) and the modern ones (Chlamydia, Mycoplasma genitalium, Ureaplasma urealyticum, Trichomonas vaginalis, bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis and many others). Other famous diseases are genital herpes and genital warts caused by human papillomavirus also known as HPV, virus HIV, hepatitis B and C. Again, I am not an expert but I think the most common one is Ureaplasma since more than 70% of people have it. Now, let’s switch back to the English language.

budapest aquaworld
The highest chance to get an STD without having sexual intercourse is in hotel rooms, swimming pools, saunas, massage tables, etc.


Travellers, Beware!

The “S” in STD is unfairly used and often causes confusion because unfortunately STDs can be transmitted also without sexual intercourse. Every time you sleep in a hotel bed without your clothes on (or you have sex in it), use a towel that has been used by an infected person before, enter a swimming pool or go to a sauna, you are exposing yourself to be infected as well.


There Are No Symptoms

The problem with STDs is that they usually come without symptoms. More than 50% of women never have symptoms, meaning you can have it for years without feeling the itchy pain while urinating or noticing other obvious signs. This is why getting tested is so important!

venice canal
Try to avoid wet and humid places of the world.


There Exist a Treatment

No need for panic, almost all of them are treatable in a very short period of time with some antibiotics. Every person included in the sexual (oral, vaginal or anal) intercourse with the infected person has to be treated as well.


The Consequences

If you have it, you are spreading the disease to your loved ones who you have contact with, in your everyday life. In your future, you are going to transmit the disease to your unborn child during pregnancy or (more likely) you are going to find out that the silent disease has attacked your reproductive organs and you are unable to have children. Men can have impotence problems, women can develop cervical cancer.


Avoid the Risk

Always sleeping with your clothes on, bringing your own towel with you on a trip and not often visiting places with extreme humidity such as saunas and water parks is the best precaution you can take. Sometimes, spending a bit more money on a luxurious hotel is also a good decision to be on the safe side.

Chicago Trump Hotel
Last year, I have spent 4 days in the Trump hotel in Chicago where the cleaning ladies come twice per day. Read more here.


Get Tested! Open your browser and find where you can get tested in the area where you live. Sometimes, you can even do it for free and anonymously. Doctors usually do not test you for STDs unless you specifically ask them to. So ask!


Why Am I Writing About This?

If I call myself an influencer, I want to use my influence for something good. If we all get tested and cured of STDs, we could eradicate all of them from this planet… but that is just me being an idealist, or am I? So, do you have sex in hotels? Obviously, I do not since I am going on my next trip alone, again! But I did get tested for STDs this year for the second time in my life already. When are you going to?


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