I often see people putting a line in their Instagram profile which says “No ghost followers” but at the same time, they are ghosts from the moment they start following me.

First, let’s clarify why being a ghost follower is one of the most common mistakes people make on Instagram. There exist third-party apps which can detect ghosts and unfollow them. For the record, all of those apps are banned and go against Instagram terms of use. The second reason is that being a ghost follower lowers even your engagement rate.


How Do You Become a Ghost Follower?

You might think you are nobody’s ghost follower if you just scroll through your home feed and engage (= like and comment) on every post you see but you could not be more wrong. Since Instagram has enrolled the new non-chronological feed, it shows us posts from only 10 to 20 percent people we follow. Those are the people we interact with the most. It might happen you never see stories and posts of others and is how you become their ghost follower.


How to Prevent Becoming a Ghost Follower?

1. Engage when you start following someone new

That is an easy trick. When you find a profile you like and you click the follow button engage with some of their content too. That is a nice way how you show to Instagram that you want to see this profile in your home feed. In that way, you are also more likely to be followed back.

instagram, follower
One of my favourite Instagrammers has followed me back and totally made my day. She obviously knows everything about being a ghost follower and did not want to be one.


2. Return the Likes and Comments

It is very polite to return the engagement and show your appreciation to your followers. This can be hard sometimes because you might get many notifications in a short period of time or overnight so you lose the track of them (the maximum number of notifications is 100).


3. Engage with Everyone who Takes Time for You

What you can always keep track of (no excuses) are people who boost your Instagram profile. Those are people who reply to your stories, participate in your “ask me anything” questions, vote on your polls, and so on. Manually click on everybody’s profile and show them your appreciation.

engagement rate
My engagement rate was very high before I left Instagram in September for work for a month.


The formula is simple – the more time you spend on Instagram creating content and engaging with others, the more chances you have to be seen by new users who might be interested in your work. Instagram likes to boost active users. Happy engaging!


Let me know if you have any questions about ghost followers in the comments below.


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