There are many questions that we, travellers, hate to be asked. “How do you afford to travel?” is one of them. I do not find such questions appropriate at all. Maybe it depends on the culture where I live but I do not want to discuss my finances with anybody. But let’s talk about it today anyway!

So tell me, why do you even think that travelling is unaffordable or expensive? Is that because you are always travelling as a tourist and not as a traveller?

I do not want my website to become some budget-travelling-sleeping-in-hostels-blog because I do not but there is one way to save a lot of your money while you plan your next trip – and that is flight tickets. Save your money on what you can so you can spend it later for some once in a lifetime tourist experience such are swimming with dolphins, sharks, turtles or pigs, parasailing, helicopter sightseeing, hot air balloon tours, luxury hotels, etc. Are we on the same page? OK, let’s dig in how to!

dolphin island
This kiss cost me 125$. This photo was 50$ extra.

By the way, for all of you who do not know me well enough – I would never support animal abuse. They take good care of the dolphins. All the tourists are taught where they are not allowed to touch the dolphins before approaching them. They live in the sea, not in captivity.


There are a few rules you have to keep in mind when searching for a flight ticket. You are usually going to find the cheapest fares if you search for:

  1. Return flights
  2. Night flights
  3. Flights during the weekdays except for Fridays
  4. Flights reserved three months in advance

Sometimes, it also reduces the price of each ticket if you are travelling in a pair or a group.


Finding the Cheapest Flights (A Step by Step Photo Tutorial)

I always search for my flights on Skyscanner so I am going to focus on this platform. It has a great option which I have discovered just recently so maybe it is a stranger to you as well. If you have a possibility to be open about your travel destination, try this.

Select a “Return” flight and the city you would like to depart “From”. Let’s take Venice for example. The city you are travelling “To” leave empty. In a moment, the blue square will appear with a question “Can’t decide where?” Click on it and watch how your travel destination changes to “Everywhere”.


Homepage on Skyscanner.


We are even luckier if we do not care about the dates of our travel. Watch the magic happen now. From the “Specific date” move to the “Whole month” tab. Do not forget rule number four. All that is left is just selecting the number of travellers and hit “Search flights”.


Select the depart and arrival destinations, dates and the number of travellers.


This is our search result. We can fly to 15 different countries and back from Venice, Italy in January 2019 for less than 50€ and to 12 countries and back for less than 30€. Do you still think travelling is expensive?


Travelling is affordable for everybody.


So for example, let’s go to Spain. I love Barcelona but this time we want to go somewhere else. Seville looks like a perfect choice.


Neimenovano 6
First select the country, then the city.


After selecting the city, a calendar with flight prices for the entire month appears on a screen. At this step, you should not forget rule number three.


Do not worry about the prices, they are going to change.


So let’s pick the Tuesday, the 8th of January. Clicking on that, prices of return flights change. So now you have it – a quick three or five days long getaway for 32€ or an entire ten days long trip for 21€.


Neimenovano 8
We have found the promised return flight for 21€.


Let’s say we really want to book the cheapest flight. I guess that Seville is not a city where you can spend 10 days in and not be bored. So do you want to see my next trick?


During our 10 days trip, let’s visit one more country.


Neimenovano 9
This time we are looking for a cheap flight from Seville.
Neimenovano 12
We can fly to 11 different countries and back from Seville, Spain in January 2019 for less than 30€ and to 12 countries and back for less than or equal to 40€.
Let’s go to Luqa, Malta. We are going to be back in Seville just in time so we do not miss our flight back home to Venice.


You have to be a bit lucky to find a return flight to a new destination during your chosen trip dates. If that does not work out, you can even return (in our case) back to Venice after three days and later on the same day fly to a new destination. It is up to you!


I do not drink alcohol. I do not smoke. I do not eat out often. I do not wear make-up. I do not have to pay for rent or student loan. That is how I save my money and so I travel. Please, do not ask me how do I afford to live my life again. I believe it is a matter of priorities, wisdom and a bit of luck. And I believe you can do it too!


This is just a few of my many tricks I have recently started to apply when planning to go on a trip. Would you like to hear about others? Tell me in the comment section below.


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