Recently, an interview about me and my travels was published in the Slovenian magazine Liza. Since it is available even online and everyone can translate it into their own language in their browser I am sharing it here. You will see that the interview was given before my solo trip to Budapest and my travel plans have changed a bit since then. But overall, this is me. If you have not seen the Part 1 of this interview, check it out here.


What do you prefer to discover when travelling – culinary, history, people, modern pulse?

Daisy: Personally, I am amazed by art so you can understand why I loved my trip to Barcelona so much. Of course, not everybody is into that and I have to adapt to the person I am travelling with so I like to explore some natural and cultural attractions too, such as waterfalls, parks, city fountains, local dance performances, etc. If I find some free time, I like to arrange a coffee with my Instagram followers because that is how I am able to hear some stories about the city from the locals and meet people who support me. Until now, this has always turned out to be a good start of a long lasting friendship.

Palma, Palma de Mallorca
Palma in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.


How do you take care of your own safety on the road?

Daisy: I try to make sure that I never run out of a battery on my phone which I never put out of my hands. It has a tracking application on it through which my grandmother can always see where I am. The app has an option of sending emergency messages and making automatic calls with just one press on the button. I feel safe because of that. Also, I do not carry a large amount of money with me and I do not leave my money in the hotel room.


Which trip had made the biggest impact on you, left the biggest impression, in a positive sense?

Daisy: Every city and every country is something special by itself. Perhaps I can say that the greatest cultural shock I have experienced when I visited the United States for the first time, specifically Chicago. “Sparks and misery” – this sentence did not leave my mind for the whole time I was there. In addition to the towers that rise to the sky and the headquarters of famous brand companies, you cannot escape the huge number of homeless people living in tents on the streets. That is where I was most aware of how lucky I am because I have a roof over my head and a lot of people who love and support me.

chicago, skyline
Chicago skyline.


Do you also have some bad experience from the trips that you can trust them to our readers? What should they be aware of?

Daisy: Fortunately, I do not have any bad experiences so far. From every trip, I want to take only the best stories and the most memorable moments.


Do you have any other destination in your “to go” list that you would like to visit?

Daisy: The list is endless. I am very attracted by North and South America because of their cultural diversity. Soon I want to visit Canada, Argentina and a few other metropolises in the USA. Of course, I am looking forward to marking all the European countries in my list of destinations I have been to.

I visited Budapest in August 2018.


On your blog, besides travel, you also write about other topics … Which ones?

Daisy: That is right. In my life, many people have disappointed me so I am writing about topics with which I want to re-awaken the feeling for fellow human beings. I believe that at times it was much more present, perhaps when people did not have to compete with one another but were able to help each other. That’s why among my blogs you can find some ideas on how to make something good for a complete stranger every day, maybe just to share a smile, to donate clothes for charity or something else.

I would also like to see people be more aware of how much the family – not necessarily parents – and friends are important. It happens too often that our thoughts when we are having a coffee with someone close to use are actually somewhere else. It has become so difficult to disconnect from the virtual world with the smartphones constantly beeping.

Palma, Palma de Mallorca
Blowing bubbles in the streets of Palma, Spain.


As a joke, I recently made an experiment on Tinder and exposed some of the most inappropriate messages I got to explain to men what are they doing wrong. I also like to write blogs where I issue some Instagram secrets that might help my followers to grow on Instagram.


What makes you feel happier alongside travelling? What else is charging your batteries in your life?

Daisy: Listening to music and dancing. I like to say that I am a loud singer and a good dancer – and necessarily not the other way around haha! Sometimes visiting a concert is one of my reasons to go on a trip. Unfortunately, I do not go to the dance events in Ljubljana anymore but maybe the time to start doing it comes soon again.

robbie williams, concert
50.000 people. 1 amazing artist. Robbie William’s concert in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The article was officially published on and in magazine Liza – 34/2018. Special thanks to Metka Pravst and Aleksandra Saša Prelesnik.


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