Recently, an interview about me and my travels was published in the Slovenian magazine Liza. Since it is available even online and everyone can translate it into their own language in their browser I am sharing it here. You will see that the interview was given before my solo trip to Budapest and my travel plans have changed a bit since then. But overall, this is me.


Daisy Zaccarin is a blogger who writes about travel and personal insights on

She has more than seven thousand followers on Instagram, you can find her under the name @daisydadee. Her life on the way to different countries began thanks to her grandmother who wanted to show her the world in its entirety.

airplane, window seat
There is something about this view that I love so much.


Can you introduce yourself to us?

Daisy: My real name is Daisy Zaccarin although more people know me as Daisy Blue. I am using this surname from the beginning of high school. There was also a desire to officially change it but today I am who I am even because of my biological parents, whom I am not in contact with. So my real surname is consequently a part of me.

At seventeen I moved from Koper, the Slovenian city on the coast, to Ljubljana, the city I am still in love with. Although I currently live in Croatia, I will probably always feel like »a girl from Ljubljana«. I have studied computer science and informatics but I have decided to live the life outside standard social norms at least while I am still young. Last September, I gave my resignation at work and dedicated myself to things that are now more inspiring for me and are making me happier.

My beautiful Ljubljana.


How come you have decided to travel so young and in fact how much do you travel?

Daisy: I am proud of the fact that I have been to more countries so far as I am old. I have started travelling as a child with my grandmother. She wanted to show me the world, widen my horizons and make sure that I would have nice memories of her. Today, I travel mainly with my friends.


Do you ever travel alone and then search for your travelling companions?

Daisy: Until now, I have never gone on a trip just by myself but recently I have seen an article with a list of things that everyone should try before the age of 30 and one of them was a solo journey. Although I have a few more years to do it, maybe it happens shortly.

The view from the hotel room in Chicago.


How many countries of the world have you visited?

Daisy: For now I have visited 26 countries on four continents. In the next two months, the list will be enlarged by two more, hopefully.


Do you count them on a map?

Daisy: Yes, I really like to count them. I have an app on my phone where I mark the cities and countries I have been to.

dominican republic
While on a trip, I am always jumping around because I am so excited to discover a new place.


Where does this love to travel and explore the world come from?

Daisy: They say, travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and I could not agree more. Every time I return from a trip I am full of new stories. Some time ago, I have read about how many elderly people regret that they were not travelling more in their youth. I do not want to be one of them at one point. I believe travelling is a great investment in yourself.


How are you travelling? Do you book your destinations in advance or go on a journey more adventurous?

Daisy: I always make a reservation in advance but usually it happens in the last moment. It would be really hard for me to wait for the departure date if I would plan my trips a lot in advance. I prefer to make a reservation, pack and jump on a plane the next day. But I never plan which sights I am going to see and when. I usually ask at the reception of the hotel and local guides for advice on what to see and do in the city.

rome, angel bridge
Angel Bridge, Rome.


Where do you prefer travelling to – cities or distant places?

Daisy: Definitely, I prefer travelling to the big cities. Lying on the beach or wandering around in the wilderness is simply not for me.


What about the time of a season – do you prefer travelling where it is warmer than at home or vice versa?

Daisy: I do not think that a season or a weather have ever influenced my travel. Last year I escaped the heat wave in Ljubljana by flying to Denmark and Sweden where it was colder but that was not intentionally. This November or December I am planning an excursion to Iceland where it will definitely be too cold for my taste but this is the best period to see the aurora borealis. Sometimes the reason for the trip is also to visit a concert.

magazine cover
I was also on the cover of Liza magazine.


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The article was officially published on and in magazine Liza – 34/2018. Special thanks to Metka Pravst and Aleksandra Saša Prelesnik.


I would like to hear about your travel habits. How far in advance do you make a reservation? Do you usually go on a vacation to the beach or on a trip and where? Do you always go to the same location that you enjoy or you prefer discovering new places? Tell me all. Maybe I get a new idea for my trip!


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