When am I going to enjoy and live my life to the fullest if not now while I am still young? I will not lie to you – I was very disappointed when I received so many negative comments from you about my new haircut. But why is that? Have I asked you for an opinion? No. Are your comments going to change anything? Also no.


Not many of you know that when I was younger I was a model. I had to stop doing it because of my height later (#short and #proud of that). The last time I have walked on a runway was eight years ago. I was so young, definitely not confident enough and that probably made me a really bad model, haha. I did not understand that a fashion show is not about me or somebody else, it is about the product you are representing. The product can be a new collection of clothes or yes, a hairstyle.

daisy zaccarin model
The third fashion show that I have been to in Ljubljana, Mercator shopping centre Siska.


Oops, I Did It Again

Recently I was invited to participate at the big Slovenian festival for hairdressers as a hairstyle model. I knew that might mean a huge change of my haircut but the excitement of walking on a runway again won. This time I was all about representing the product.


The Preparations Took Forever but the Show Was Unforgettable

After two days of preparations (dying and cutting my hair and learning the stage choreography), there finally came the day of the fashion show. There were more than 1500 people watching us but I felt calmer and more confident than ever. The whole performance was great and I wore my haircut like a queen. In the end, there were hundreds of people who wanted to take a photo with me (or us, there were 15 other models) so it felt a bit like being on a red carpet in Hollywood, haha.

Daisy Zaccarin model
The rehearsals for my second fashion show in arboretum Volcji potok near Ljubljana. I am the second in the lower row.


About Your Negative Comments

I am sorry that you cannot be happy for me but honestly, I did not ask you for your approval or your opinion. I wanted to be a part of a fashion show once again so I can prove it to myself that I can do this and when I got the chance, I took it. My hair is going to grow and I can dye them again into any colour I want, whenever I want.


What is done is done and your comments are not going to change that now. Know that you cannot always please everybody but what you can do, is make yourself happy. On the other hand side, many thanks to all of you who think my haircut is “kinda cool”. ❤


So tell me, would you accept this kind of invitation and cut or even dye your hair in exchange for doing something you wanted to do as a teenager? Would you sell your hair as I did? Let me know in the comment section below.

The semi-official photo and for now the only one that I have from the show. I hope they are going to send us the official photos soon.


An update: A month after the show my colour has washed out so I wanted to see how I look with dark blue hair which is currently still my colour. I love it, but I am going back to blonde as soon as possible so I can use my blonde hair as an excuse when I do something silly. 😉


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