Brian Nelson is a man who has visited 190 countries across the whole world but most importantly he is also a writer who has recently published a book about his travel experience. A World Worth Seeing is something that everybody should read – people who want to travel to learn that the world is more reachable than ever, travellers to get inspired and people who have already travelled a lot to compare their knowledge with the author’s.


The Travel Book

The biographer starts his story with a short introduction and the anecdote how he has become a traveller. The main part is divided into continents or better said large areas of the world because sometimes he is writing about the countries from the two continents at the time. He is jumping from one country to another and sharing his most memorable moments with readers.


You Are Going to Learn a Lot

The adventure is written straight-forward with many useful facts. Although the reader is left with many questions like: “How long would you recommend me to stay there?” or “Is it safe to visit that place as a female solo traveller?” you get to find out a lot of travel tricks. For example, which visa should you never get stamped into your passport if you want to visit any Muslim countries and how is it possible to access Antarctica as cheap as possible.


I Could Not Stop Reading It

In the whole book, I did not find a single paragraph where I already knew everything that was written. That is why I loved reading it so much. I was excited to correlate my travel experience with the author’s and I could not wait to find out which parts of Slovenia did he explore. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed when I realised he has only been to Ljubljana, the Slovenian’s capital city so Brian if you ever see this, you are invited to return to Slovenia for few more days and allow me to show you the most beautiful hidden gems of my country.


Where Can You Find It

Are you interested in what does he have to say about your country? Get yourself your own copy of this very interesting travel book on Amazon. But be careful – you might read it and get encouraged to go where you always wanted to because as Brian Nelson says: “World travel can be addictive!”

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A World Worth Seeing by Brian Nelson was published by Outskirts Press.


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