Some time ago I challenged my dear followers to ask me anything so you get a chance to get to know me better. Here they are – questions you have asked and answers I have written!


Last year I met @chileantraveller, a nice guy who was travelling around Europe.

One day he came to the city where I live. He was kind so we decided to meet up, go for a photo-walk and share some of our travelling experiences. He is one of my biggest fans ever since.


Where can I find you to get your autograph?

This one is so funny to me because I keep on “threatening” my friends to ask me for an autograph while I still have some time to give it to them. “Once I am famous you can sell them on e-Bay,” I often say as a joke.

I spend most of my time with my grandma in Croatia and a lot of my free time with my friends in Slovenia. I am quite outgoing so I am always up for meeting new people, especially my dear followers and supporters.

Medulin, Chilean friend, drone photo
My friend from Chile and I. Medulin, 2017.


Will you show me another nice place as you showed me Medulin (very small but 3rd most popular touristic city in Istria, Croatia) last year?

It would be my pleasure! I am officially starting to work as a tourist guide at the end of April so guiding my friends around hidden gems in the cities I know very well is my pleasure.

What is your favourite sport?

It is definitely an American football. I fell in love with it while I stayed in Chicago. From European sports, I will always choose basketball, since I like playing it and love watching it (especially live). In the cold winter days, I also enjoy watching figure skating on TV. Fun fact: I really cannot stand handball, volleyball and running.

An American Football Game in Chicago, 2017.


@anjabezjak – Tell us more about your job!

Becoming a tourist guide has been my dream since I started travelling as a child with my grandma. After high school, there was no time for that because I spent every summer working in my field of study. Last September I needed a break to think about what I really want in my life. So here I am – your official tourist guide. At first, I was sent to work for the whole summer in Greece but due to my grandma’s health issues, I am staying to work in Croatia. The final destination is still unknown. You are all welcome to ask me where I am going to work after the 1st of May when I find it out.


@indie_illustration – My bestie got me thinking …

What is your first thought when you wake up?

My first thought in the morning is “Where is my phone?” and “What time is it?” I often wake up in fear that I am late to something every morning so checking the time is really the first thing I do. I hate being late.

What is the biggest mistake you ever made?

Uh, what can I say here? I have made many mistakes in my life, who hasn’t? But is it really a mistake if you learn from it and come out of the situation as an even better person? I am a very sensitive, caring and loving person so my common mistake is caring too much for people who do not care for me.

Is anything missing in your life? If so, what is it?

I would not say there is something missing in my life. I try to live in the moment and appreciate all the good things that come along my way. I still desire a lot of things (not necessarily materialistic ones) which I do not have, but that is what keeps me going after chasing my dreams. Step by step, day after day.

The Dominican Republic, 2017.


@nuzgram – What is the most beautiful thing someone has ever said to you?

This is such a great question. And a tough one as well! I do not specifically remember a quote which I could say that it is the most beautiful one I have ever been told. In general, I am over the moon when people who are close to me tell me I made the right decision, are proud of me or they accept me just because of who I am.


@sk_salted – Have you ever been to Slovakia or thought of visiting it?

Unfortunately not, I have not travelled there yet but it is definitely on my to-go list. Many of you know that I come from Slovenia. Slovakia – Slovenia, do you see where this is going? People all around the world are mixing up these two countries by their names and even flags. To make them even more similar, both of our Prime Ministers resigned this year on the exact same day! I just cannot wait for the day when I am going to visit Slovakia and learn all the differences between it and Slovenia, instead of all the similarities. Do you have any advice on what to go see first?


@i.l.l.a.rt – What are the three things you like the most about travelling? Which place would you like to visit the most (but still have not got the chance)?

Another great question that really got me thinking! Most of all I love exploring new cities, walking on the streets with locals and spreading the horizons of my knowledge. Every time I travel to a place I have never been to before I feel like a child who got his birthday cake just brought to him on the table. I am jumping around from the excitement and want to see and learn everything I can. On the other hand, I also fancy those relaxed days when you lay on the beach or on a blanket in a park all day and enjoy the sunrays. It is just something I never do at home. One more thing, I love packing! This is why I often travel just to have an excuse to pack my clothes and then wash them when I return back home. It actually sounds silly to me now when I am writing about it, haha.

There are so many places I would love to visit in the future. Iceland is one of them and I hope I am going to be able to travel there this winter. It depends a bit on a decision my friend is going to make about her studies in the future. From the icy winter weather, on the opposite side, I would love to go to Hawaii.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, 2017.


@blooscreens – Would you consider writing an article about virtual photography?

I am always delighted when I get a question from my fellow Instagrammers and yes, I would consider writing about anything my audience would like to read about. But unfortunately, I do not know everything about everything, (yet!). All I know about virtual photography is what I have learned at my friend’s diploma presentation and that is way too little to write about it. I am sorry to disappoint you this time.


Now it is your turn! Tell me what you think. Answer those questions (or at least one of them) yourself. I would love to get to know you better as well.


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