What do you live for?

I often feel too small to change the world into a better place. That is why I need your help. We all want to live a happy and healthy life, don’t we? We want our children to feel safe and our parents to be proud of us. So let’s do something good. Together.

Donate clothes, shoes, toys and other stuff you do not need anymore

I am kind of obsessed with doing that. I have a lot of clothes and my wardrobe is full of everything. So whenever I have time I choose a few pieces of stuff that I do not wear anymore and take them to a charity which helps people. By the way, be careful when choosing the right charity organisation. Some of them sell your clothes and do not donate them. I prefer the ones who offer free help.

Do not throw your food away

I am sure there are a lot of hungry animals wondering around your home that would be happy to eat your leftovers. We feed about seven or eight street cats every day.


I do not know how common it is to recycle across the world. In Slovenia and Croatia it is very. People do it everywhere; at school, at home, at work. It is so simple and easy to do and it helps our Mother Nature a lot! Also, I heard it also helps if you remove the plastic stopper from the bottle before throwing it to the trash bin.

Do not throw garbage on the floor

There are more than 7,6 billion people on our planet right now (March, 2018). Can you imagine what kind of world would we live in if everybody would just throw their cigarettes, chewing gums, plastic cups and other garbage on the ground?! Wait until the first trash bin appears along your way and put it there. Do it for our Home.

Talk to people

Do you see an older person who needs help with carrying their groceries home or some lost tourists who need direction advice? Maybe a kid whose toy fell on the street while he kept walking forwards? Talk to them! Offer you help, make their day. Tell your loved ones you care about them. Hang out with your friends. Do not use your mobile phone in the meantime. Stay faithful. Be honest. Take responsibility for your actions. Wish a nice day to a cashier.

Take time for yourself. Be positive. Breathe deeply. Smile often. Inspire. Be an example. Prove that there are still good people on this planet. We all need to believe that (again). What else do you live for?

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