Before the big news (yes, I got a dream job, starting in May) and a lot of studying for it, I have announced to my dear Instagram followers that my first travel blog is coming out next. Oh well, if there only existed a plan for everything… Here is my new and last (at least for some time) blog about Instagram.


Show Activity Status

A few updates ago Instagram silently introduced a new feature about showing activity status to people you follow in your chat.

I turned it off because sometimes I just do not have time to read/reply to your messages, comments and/or other. Still, I do not want you to think I am ignoring you or that I am being rude. I always tend to reply to all of you whenever possible.

Show Activity Status on Instagram.



All of you silent stalkers out there, beware. If you take a screenshot of a photo sent directly to you, Instagram will let the sender know you did it. (Tested on 11th March 2018 on both Android devices. I only got a notification when my Instagram app was closed.)

A Screenshot Notification on Instagram.


Tap and Hold

Some people tend to add such long texts to their Instagram Story (including myself). Whenever you need time to read or just to look at it, just tap and hold anywhere on the screen. You can take as much time as you need to read it.


Unsend Message

Have you ever send a like (=heart) in a direct message by accident or a message you want to remove? Do not worry, you can unsend it anytime.

Tap and hold, then select Unsend Message.


View Post’s Insights

The biggest reason for writing this blog is my best friend who has just recently found out that clicking on “View Insights” on Business profiles can show you much more information than it looks like at the first sight. Swiping up gives you additional statistics about your post.




Colour Games on Instagram Story

I have never seen anybody doing it so maybe not all of you know this is possible. The text you add to your story can be in as many colours as you wish. Just select a word (or a letter) and then click on your preferred colour. The word next to it can be in a different one as in my example below.

By the way, you are not limited to only those few colours offered by Instagram. Press and hold to open a colour menu.




The Shadowban or Temporal Block

Instagram likes to shadowban users but does not let them know what they did wrong. I could make a whole blog just about the actions that are prohibited but the problem is most of them are not official. There are many people trying to figure Instagram’s algorithm out, creating themselves many user profiles and testing different actions and consequences, usually then sharing results on Reddit or their blogs. I do not do this and I also do not want to share information that is not true. So all I am going to say is – whatever you do, do not do it too much.

  • Do not follow and unfollow more than 50 people in an hour.
  • The same goes for liking and commenting.
  • Do not use banned or overpopulated hashtags (#followforfollow, #likeforlike and similar)
  • Do not post more than 3 or 4 times per day.
  • Do not message more than 100 users per day.
  • Do not use any automated tool or app* that performs actions instead of you.
  • One more personal tip from me – do not post more than 5 stories per day. People will probably mute you if you keep annoying them.


* Using third-party apps on Instagram is extremely forbidden. When you give out your username and password to another site or application, you are giving control of your account to someone else. They may then post duplicated, spam, or malicious updates and links, send unwanted messages, aggressively follow, or violate other rules with your account. Instagram can track users of such applications and delete their Instagram account without a warning. I used them on my second Instagram account just for the research.

And by the way, if you are banned already, just wait few days, cool your profile down and do not repeat your mistake ever again. Good luck.


Reporting and blocking

Unfortunately, you can never be safe from people who harass others on the Internet. You’re able to report and block a person’s messages, post and/or profile. Just follow the options you get when opening the menu bar. Do not let them proceed to be active with such behaviour.


I hope you have learned something new. Let me know in the comments below if you have found this post useful. You are welcome to ask me whatever you wish to know about Instagram and I will try to answer you.


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