Instagram unfollowing tactics

I believe I am not the only one who hates follow-unfollow game. I personally never start following someone I want to unfollow later. It is just not cool. I really wish this game stops so I am going to share with you my recipe for having more followers than people you follow.

  1. Do not follow the ones who do not follow you

Of course, the exceptions are our idols, favorite music bands and actors. But keep this number as low as possible. Mine is eleven.

A non-follower.
  1. Stop following the ones who signed up to Instagram but never used it

We all know that notification when one of our Facebook friends joins Instagram community. We all probably start following them immediately to welcome them. But it often happens that they do not really start using Instagram. So my advice is to unfollow them if they do not post anything in the first week and you do not have to feel bad because of that. Invite them for a cup of coffee instead; they probably like it better than using Instagram. Weird, ha?

Inactive user.
  1. Stop following the ones who do not use Instagram anymore

I was really surprised when I realized I still follow people who stopped using Instagram many months or even years ago. You can unfollow all of them without worrying they are going to unfollow you back.

As you can see there are many reasons to unfollow someone. To look β€œcool” and play this follow-unfollow game is not one of them. Most of us will unfollow you back so where is the point? Save us both our time and just stop playing it. Let’s all just follow the ones we sincerely want to.

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