We all want to “look cool” and have a big amount of Instagram followers. Some of us do not want to follow more or the same number of other profiles to be even cooler. So how is this reachable? Here you can find some Instagram following tactics.


Follow everybody who follows you

The advantage is the small number of people who are going to stop following you after you follow them back. You have to realize that with this approach you are forgetting about your taste. Your home page will probably be full of posts you are not interested in. But the speed of getting new followers is quite fast.


Follow only the ones you want to follow

There will be only posts from people you want to see on your home page. The disadvantages of this tactic are few. The first one is a lot of unfollowers who realize you will not follow them back. The second one is a fact that many people will not follow you in a first place because they see you do not follow back.


Follow the ones who follow more people than they have followers

Those users do not care about following the lowest amount of profiles possible. That sounds like a combination of first and second tactic – follow back all and follow the ones you want.


Follow back only the ones who follow fewer people than they have followers

Those users have a very selective taste for following new profiles. If they follow you, just follow them back. It is not necessary they are going to unfollow you later. But you really do not have to follow profiles that follow many more profiles than they have followers. They probably do not unfollow non-followers, do not use any application for such analytics and are going to follow you forever.


Follow only the ones you like …

… And do not bother with the numbers. That is how your home page is going to be full of posts you actually like. Yes, there is a chance many new followers will soon unfollow you if you do not follow them back but I think it is worth it.


So which one is your tactic? Whichever it is, just be careful and do not make any of those mistakes I was writing about in my last blog. And do not forget – the most important thing is to have fun while using Instagram and not stressing about it.


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