I like to think of myself as a very experienced Instagram user. I have actually read Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Besides using the main Instagram app, I was testing and using many others, which can help you with growing your audience on my testing account. Today I would like to share with you some of the biggest mistakes that third-party apps can recognise. Users who make those mistakes, usually end up being unfollowed by users who use those apps*.


Ghost Followers

The most precious data those apps can show is a list of ghost followers. In other words, those are followers who are inactive on other people’s account. Even if you post daily, that does not mean you are an active user. You become one when you have liked or commented at least one of the last 18 photos of everybody you follow. I can assure you that is not so much work to do if you love being active on Instagram and keeping in touch with people you follow. Learn how not to become a ghost follower here.


Inactive for more than a Month

Those apps can find users who have not posted anything in the last month. That is how you become an inactive user.


No profile picture

Yes, that is also one of the criteria to find potential users to unfollow. It is not so hard to select a photo and set it as your profile picture, is it?


So what can happen if you appear on someone’s list of ghost followers or inactive users?

Well, those apps offer unfollowing all of them in just one click. So next time someone unfollows you ask yourself: “Have I made one of these mistakes or did the person who has just unfollowed me simply not like my posts (anymore)?” But maybe you have just been unfollowed by a cheater. Can you recognise them?


* Using third-party apps on Instagram is extremely forbidden. When you give out your username and password to another site or application, you are giving control of your account to someone else. They may then post duplicated, spam, or malicious updates and links, send unwanted messages, aggressively follow, or violate other rules with your account. Instagram can track users of such applications and delete their Instagram account without a warning. I used those apps on my second Instagram account just for the research. There are other ways how you can track unfollowers and ghost followers manually.


I hope you have learned something new. Let me know in the comments below if you have found this post useful. You are welcome to ask me whatever you wish to know about Instagram and I will try to answer you.


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