The most common mistakes people make on Instagram

I like to think of myself as a very experienced Instagram user. I actually read Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Besides using the main Instagram app, I was testing and using many others legal ones, which can help you with growing your audience. I am still using some of them. Today I would like to share with you some of the biggest mistakes users make because of their ignorance and those apps’ functionalities.

  1. Ghosts

The most precious data those apps can show is a list of ghost followers. Do not worry, I do not write about souls of dead people who wonder around (do they?) but about inactive followers. Even if you post daily, that does not mean you are an active user. You become one when you have liked or commented at least one of the last 18 photos of everybody you follow. I can assure you that is not so much work to do if you love being active on Instagram and keeping in touch with people you follow.

  1. Inactive for more than a month

Those apps can find users you follow who have not uploaded anything to their profile in the last month. That is how you become an inactive user.

  1. No profile picture

Yes, that is also one of the criteria to find inactive users. It is not so hard to select a photo and upload it to your profile, is it?

So what can happen if you appear on someone’s list of inactive Instagram users or inactive followers?

Well, those apps offer unfollowing all of the users from that list with only one click. So next time someone unfollows you ask yourself – was I one of those users on that list or did the user who unfollowed me just not like my posts (anymore)?

6 thoughts on “The most common mistakes people make on Instagram

  1. Hi, Daisy. I’m ruben_fisu, follower of yours. I have a different strategy; a bad one, but the number of followers does not matter much to me, but I do care about the likes. I follow some people that I like very much their photos, without caring that they follow me, but I never follow the people that start to follow me without any like, and I stop them if I do not have any like in the last 10 or 15 posts .
    Every day I have 10 or 15 new followers without likes and obviously 10 or 15 unfollowers.
    To the people that I follow, I always like them all, except for two exceptions: People who put 20 photos a day (I stop following them) and also very, very bad photos (three photos of their food out of focus). My question, as an experienced user is: Is there a way to detect if each new follower without likes will become a ghost or stop following a couple of days later?
    Thank you very much.
    PD: sorry for my poor English.


    1. Hello Ruben,
      Thank you very much for your comment and for your question. Your English in just good enough, don’t worry.
      Unfortunately no, there is no way to detect if a follower will become a ghost or not. There are only few apps which can show you your ghost followers at this moment (so the new followers who didn’t like your posts are among them on that list).
      If may I comment your following strategy; I support your decision on following accounts that you like. But why don’t you follow back also the ones who follow you even if they don’t like your posts in the first place? My advice is, like two or three their most recent posts. If they return, you can follow them without worrying they will become ghosts. I can understand why they don’t like your posts when they follow you. One reason is they don’t want to lose time by doing this to everybody (because not everybody will follow back). The second reason is that you are allowed to like only 100 posts per hour. Big accounts can quickly reach that number, so again, they don’t want to spend their likes on someone who will maybe not follow them back.
      I hope you find my answer helpful. Let me know if you have any more questions.
      I wish you a very nice day,


      1. Hello Daisy, thanks for answering, you are very kind.
        I’ve already tried 2,3,5 or 10 likes, and most of them have stopped me from following the next day. I really hate that!
        Another thing: I can remember 100 or 120 people who are very kind, many of them with very good photos (much better than mine) and remember the ghosts but how do you do with 4k ?. Yes, I also use software to know who has stopped following me, but going through that list to detect ghosts is more boring than my job!
        The last and no longer annoying: The message of follow without like is “I do not care about the trash you have uploaded, this is only because I want to feel important with the number of followers”.
        I’m really tired of this, I almost do not upload photos, but I miss the enthusiasm of before.
        Now that I think about it, maybe I’m too sensitive or maniac, heh.
        Thanks for your time, have a great day!


      2. Hello Ruben, my pleasure.
        I can totally understand you and I know how you feel. Just try to enjoy in this community, make new friends, be kind to people. Don’t worry too much about followers. They will come eventually. I would be very glad if you check out my new blog I posted just few minutes ago. You can share its links also to your social media, help me spread the good word about Instagram. Let’s hope someday this follow-unfollow annoying game stops.
        What do I do to not become a ghost follower? Just spend many hours per day on Instagram, liking and commenting on posts I really like. There is no other secret. I guess I just have a lot of free time. 🙂
        I wish you all the best,


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