I usually spend many hours per day on Instagram. I see your posts, I check out your stories. But there are some types of profiles that I just do not like and do not want to support with my following. I would like to share with you a few reasons why do I not follow back some of you and which type of accounts do I not follow back in general.


Private Profiles

Private profiles are locked for a reason. If we do not know each other in person, I should not watch your photos. The probability to send you a follow request almost zero.

instagram private account
A text that lets you know you are looking at a private account.


White Squares or Dividers

There is a new trend going on and I just cannot understand it. In my opinion, you do not need white dividers to separate your photos from one to another. Have you ever seen any influencer doing it? No? So take them as an example. It is just not fun to scroll through my home page and see a lot of “empty” posts.


Selfies, Selfies Everywhere

I believe selfies are “cool” but I am not interested in profiles with hundreds of selfies all looking alike from people I do not even know. They can be very interesting to your friends and family but not total strangers. I am more interested in what you have seen, where you have been, etc.

selfies on instagram
Would you follow him and watch him posting selfies every day?



Why are you sharing your screenshots with the whole wide world? If you have a good reason to do it, at least crop the photo in a way it will look like a photo. I do not care about your battery status, the time you took the screenshot and other apps’ notifications. But Instagram is meant to share your photographs, not screenshots.


Alcohol, Cigars and Drugs

I have a very strong negative opinion about alcohol and other (even legal) drugs. I have seen many profiles of brands representing their products and I can understand this kind of advertising. But I will always avoid following (back) those profiles. That would be a violation of my personal principles.


Make-up, Fashion, etc.

… Or any other type of profiles which I am not interested in. I am a very simple girl. I use make-up only for special occasions and I do not care about fashion trends. Expensive fashion accessories? Not my thing. Food – I eat, of course, but I do not want to be hungry 24/7.

hairstyle instagram profile
This is a profile with many nice hairstyles but it is simply not my thing.


Photos from the Internet

Why would anybody post such photos? It is a violation of legal rights and it is prohibited by the Instagram Terms of Use. Profiles with downloaded photos from the Internet will sooner or later be deleted, so why would you even post them?


Bad Quality Photos

Don’t we all just hate them? It is really hard to look at photos of bad quality.


I just want to say that this is just my opinion, so do not take it too personally. I am grateful for each follow and engagement I get. Click here to learn about the most common mistakes people make on Instagram so you do not end up being one of those who make them.


Let me know what kind of profiles do you like or dislike to follow on Instagram in the comment section below.


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